event agenda

7:30 AM - Meeting Set Up

Anyone who would like to contribute to the success of the event is welcome to show up at this time for production.  We would love your help!  This event is run 100% by local distributors so it's your contribution that makes this possible!

8:55 AM - Supervisor School

This is for Herbalife Supervisors only.  This is the level where you open up all of your income streams.  

9:45 AM - DOORS OPEN for All Guests & Distributors!!

Bring your guests to learn about the Herbalife products and opportunity!!  Hear from our guest speaker and discover how Herbalife has affected their world!  This is open to EVERYONE!!  **Per the usual - no children.  (only breastfeeding babies.


11:30 - LUNCH

Bring your healthy snacks. VIP will get a delicious smoothie!  


12:00 PM - 2PM - TRAINING 

This if for our distributors only.  Learn how to grow your Herbalife business.  

What to expect

Join this room for high energy and motivation!!  This is an amazing place to fill your cup up!! 


  • Show up early.

  • Introduce yourself to a few people and build some relationships.

  • Bring a pen and notebook to take notes.

  • Bring snacks and a water bottle to stay fueled and hydrated.

  • Bring GUESTS to grow your business.

  • Wear Business Casual clothes.

  • Don't forget your button!!!

  • No children allowed (with exception of breastfeeding babies)

  • Be ready to share your WEIGHT LOSS and LAST MONTHS INCOME during our opportunity meetig.  


Helping People;

Help People

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