may 4th

 Success Training Seminar

J. & Lisa Curtis

20K Executive Presidents Team Members

We are honored to have seasoned trainers coming to Colorado to share from their experience throughout many different climates of Herbalife!  


Training Focus:

 - Supervisor school @ 8:30am - Learn from the BEST!!  20K experience at your fingertips!

 - HOM 10-12.  Grow your business and WIN $$$  $100 goes to distributor with most HOM guests and new distributors

 - Product training for you AND your clients

 - BOMB recognition featuring NEW Global Expansion Team

 - Herbalife Tools @ your fingertips that make your world easier!!  Learn hands on coaching

 - Personal development and growth from our 20K leaders!!


FUN Focus:

 - May the 4th Be With You!  Wear your black - Star Wars Style  (business casual as always)     


EMAIL by May 1st if you qualify for VIP!  Descriptions for how to qualify for Silver VIP or Gold VIP are in the VIP section!   We would also like to recognize our top producers and recruiters so please share your numbers!!




GOLD VIP Qualifications: Special seating with snacks and VIP Lunch Shakes! 1 Drink ticket at social

- 10,000 DV (Prior month volume)

SILVER VIP Qualifications: Special VIP seating with snacks and VIP Lunch Shake!

New Supervisor (Fully Qualified)


- 3,000 DV for Supervisors (Prior month volume)


- 5,000 DV for World Teams (Prior month volume)


- 6,000 DV for Tab Teams (Prior month volume)

Helping People;

Help People

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