Nov 9th

Amanda & Jonathon Gammill

Millionaire Team, Oklahoma

Amanda and Jonathon are ON THE MOVE and Colorado is extremely lucky to have them as our November guest speakers!
They have been rapidly moving their business through the growth of nutrition clubs and their tenacity as leaders is a force we can learn from!  
Please join us on November 9th to learn from the movers and shakers as you continue to grow your business.  
Stay tuned to learn about a potential Nutrition Club training on Friday evening (subscribe below) 




GOLD VIP Qualifications: Special seating with snacks and VIP Lunch Shakes! 1 Drink ticket at social

- 10,000 DV (Prior month volume)

SILVER VIP Qualifications: Special VIP seating with snacks and VIP Lunch Shake!

New Supervisor (Fully Qualified)


- 3,000 DV for Supervisors (Prior month volume)


- 5,000 DV for World Teams (Prior month volume)


- 6,000 DV for Tab Teams (Prior month volume)

Special VIP Qualifications TBA!

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Help People

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